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Founded in Year: 2015



To Help Every Student with Guidance and information. organize the Internet information and make it universally accessible and useful to every student in free.



To make world a better place with educated people with knowledge and wisdom.

About Us


Scientific Soul is a non-profit organization, We Guide and  Encourage the Students. Scientific Soul is a Social Network and Student Community with the Professionals, Teacher and Scientists. We provide information about Discoveries, Inventions and Innovations. The important news about NASA, ISRO, SPACEX, ESA, Space agencies, Science institutes, Technology Advancements, announcements, space missions, we are here to keep you updated and informed on all things about Science, Technology and Philosophy along with Mythology and Religion and Ethics to succeed in life.


Organization Overview


Scientific Soul is Modern New way of data and information sharing website. Cosmically, big Social Network. Thankfully brings the universe down to size with the latest news on career, jobs, internships, space exploration, science, and technology. SSO is the leading science news site on the web keeping up on the latest space,  science, technology and astronomy news. 

Scientific soul is driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible community of passionate educators and lifelong learners. We are a growing Education Forum focused on improving our collection of education-based content and enhancing our forum experience. We pride ourselves on being a great resource and offering the opportunity for users to engage with a variety of topics in an interesting and safe online environment.

Scientific Soul is not only just information sharing website. Its complete STUDENT website which helps student in every aspect from education to the dream job. Scientific Soul encourages students, we support, we guide, we change, we create, we make future, we build better world. we strongly believe Education is the only key for development. We Provide best information after researching and analyzing. Our aim is, student should not waste time in searching information in internet.  We provide exact information what students are searching and needed. we change our platforms with respect to students convenience and feedback.  

Our History


We Started our journey with the motto of making people educated with knowledge, we want to enlighten the people with respect to science and religion. taking the facts and research into consideration and provide best information to the students. Treating every student equally and help each other with there ideas and thoughts in the groups and blogs. We stared with blog and later WhatsApp group to encourage the students to take active part in discussions. We are very successful in making students active. we brought teachers, scientists, students and Professionals into one platform in 2015. that's where our journey started with small motto now we had large student community and we are successful in building best career for students. 

There are many students who are not getting guidance in a proper way, We wanted to help the students in way they can dream big. we want to support every student with physical and mental support. we are there for students, we are successful in doing so.

Products: Enjoy the ride with articles, downloadable wallpapers, videos, photos, community forums, and more. Courses Digital Marketing, Basic Astronomy, Career Guidance, Resume Building, Morals and Ethics, Spirituality, Basics of Computer language, Basics of Earning money.

Courses: Digital Marketing, Basics of Subjects (Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Languages, Technology,..) , Basics of Life

Specialties: Astronomy, Technology, Innovation, Space, Spirituality, Mythology, Religion, Science, Imagination, Business ideas, Motivation, Creativity, Discovery, and Nature.​

Our Sources ;,,,,,,, ..etc.

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