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Programming Languages and Their Uses

Updated: May 22, 2021

Programming Languages and Their Uses
Programming Languages and Their Uses

When you're finished perusing this article, you'll have a superior thought regarding which language you ought to figure out how to accomplish your coding objectives.

  • What is programming language?

  • What is each programming language useful for?

  • Which programming language to learn?

  • What is the best programming language for apprentices?

Thus, regardless of whether you're just barely considering getting the hang of writing computer programs, you're in the ideal spot. Look at my Free Coding Guide for Beginners to begin with the nuts and bolts, find out about what coding is, and how the Internet works.



  • Ease of Learning: Moderate

  • Use Cases: General Use and Specialty

    • Embedded systems

    • Hardware drivers

    • Local Applications

In the event that you saw C on a report card, you'd be pretty freeloaded. Perhaps somewhat confounded, as well (is it really a B-?). Nonetheless, C isn't the unusually awful evaluation it is by all accounts. It's frequently the primary programming language educated in school (well, it was for me 10 years back). I thought it was a decent "in the middle of" language in that it was object arranged without being over the top about it. It was likewise low level enough to be near equipment, yet no so low level that you needed to do everything physically. Since there are such a large number of C compilers, you can compose stuff in C and have it run essentially anyplace.

Until Java was presented, C was the prevailing elevated level language. It was first presented in 1972. The principal renditions of Unix, written in Assembly language, were ported to C. It was then utilized in the advancement of other early working frameworks, including IBM System/370.



  • Popularity: High

  • Ease of Learning: Difficult

  • Use Cases: General Use, Specialty

    • Local Applications

    • Web Services

    • Proprietary Services

C++ possesses a comparable region in the market as C, including frameworks programming and low-level equipment improvement. Throughout the years, the C++ standard libraries and particular have been extended significantly, prompting analysis that it has become over-confused and hard to learn.

Famous applications that are using C++:

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Apple OS – X

  • Symbian OS

  • MySQL

  • Adobe systems (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, etc)



  • Popularity: Very high

  • Ease of Learning: Moderate to Difficult

  • Use Cases: General Use and Specialty

    • Web applications

    • Mobile

    • Embedded systems

Java is utilized for business, web, and portable applications. It is the local language for Google's Android OS. Java likewise controls a huge number of set-top boxes and implanted gadgets. Java advancement aptitudes are profoundly looked for after.

Famous applications that are using Java:

  • GMail (email service developed by Google)

  • Android (mobile operating system developed by Google)

  • Eclipse (integrated development environment)

  • Minecraft (yes, that famous pixelated game)

  • Other server apps at Financial Services Industry, trading applications, big data technologies, high frequency trading space and scientific software



  • Popularity: Very High

  • Ease of Learning: Moderate

  • Use Cases: General Use

    • Local Applications

    • Web Applications

Why is JavaScript so popular?

  • Every browser that you’re using, be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, they all use JavaScript. If you want to make a website and provide a great UX, then JavaScript is your best pal

  • You can run it as your server side language. With node.js you can create a tough, functional backbone server side code.

  • Functions, Dynamic Objects, Expressive Object Literal Notation

  • It’s the mother (or father?!) of JSON, a universally popular data exchange format

  • It has hundreds of frameworks. While this might be considered a downside, I think it has a huge positive impact on the community

Famous applications that are using JavaScript:

  • Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (yeah, even IE uses JS)

  • Every website built since 2000

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Video games

  • All kind of bots, automated scripts for cracking and data mining



  • Popularity: High

  • Ease of Learning: Easy

  • Use Cases: General Use

    • Web Applications

PHP is mainstream since it's anything but difficult to learn. It is likewise the premise of well known online applications, for example, WordPress and Joomla. Be that as it may, PHP additionally has a blended notoriety identifying with programming quality. Early forms needed security controls and highlights that made it hard to grow profoundly secure applications. Late advancements in PHP systems and libraries have made upgrades in security.

Famous applications that are using PHP:

  • 90% of the websites (Facebook is widely known for using PHP)

  • Web applications (CMS, Plugins, SaaS, etc)



  • Popularity: Very High

  • Ease of Learning: Easy to Moderate

  • Use Cases: General Use and Specialty

    • Web Applications

    • Artificial Intelligence

What is Python used for?

It surely excels at integration tasks. Due to its versatility and ready-made tools, many developers use Python as an embedded scripting language.

It is also very popular in the web environment as it is a solid backbone for back-end development.

Another use of Python, which I think you might find it cool is programming robots, drones, science projects and house automation systems.

Famous applications that are using Python:

  • Quora

  • Django and Pyramid (web frameworks)

  • Instagram

  • Spotify

  • BitTorrent

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