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Scientific soul organization invites Programmers from around the world to enter its competition and the chance to win the Exiting prices. In helping generations of Programmers to improve their skills.


  • E- Certificates will be provided to all the participants.  

  • Winner will be Awarded with Cash prize, along with Certificate of Appreciation.

  • Top  Winning code will be displayed in our Website to be published in magazines and Digital Platforms

  • Free Social Media assistance and support to all our participants


Registration Entries close on

11 February 2020

Winners will be announced on

 16 February 2020


Terms and Conditions

  • Write programs in java or c programming language.

  • The Text file should be with with Extension.

  • Java Compiler version Java version 13

  • Algorithm should be given at beginning

  • Comments description is necessary

  • Code should be originally typed

  • By submitting your programs you accept that you are the copyright owner of the Code and that you agree to our terms and conditions.

  • Winners will be declared on bases of length of program and algorithm, by the judges. 

How it Works :

  1. download Question Paper and solve it.

  2. Get registration link and Fill the form, in form itself you can upload your file with Extension (.Java). make zip file . Submit.

  3. We will Analyze your code.

  4. Wait for Results and stay tuned for our updates.

  5. Get E - Certificates 

for any other Queries Contact : +91 9390778921 ( Message in Whatsapp )

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