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About Scientific Soul

Scientific Soul Organization is a non-profit community dedicated to sharing knowledge and supporting educational needs. We provide guidance and support to students through contests and workshops, encouraging them to reach their full potential. Join us in our mission to promote education.

Scientific Soul is a non-profit organization that guides and encourages students. As a social network and student community, we connect students with professionals, teachers, and scientists. We provide information about discoveries, inventions, and innovations, as well as important news from NASA, ISRO, SPACEX, ESA, and other space agencies and science institutes. Our goal is to keep you updated on the latest advancements in science, technology, and philosophy, as well as mythology, religion, and ethics to help you succeed in life.

Scientific Soul is a modern, data-driven website and social network that brings the universe down to size. We provide the latest news on careers, jobs, internships, space exploration, science, and technology. As the leading science news site on the web, we keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in space, science, technology, and astronomy.

Our community of passionate educators and lifelong learners drives Scientific Soul. We are a growing education forum focused on improving our collection of education-based content and enhancing our forum experience. We pride ourselves on being a great resource and offering users the opportunity to engage with a variety of topics in an interesting and safe online environment.

But Scientific Soul is more than just an information-sharing website. We are a complete student resource that helps students in every aspect of their education and career journey. We encourage, support, guide, change, create, and build a better world through education. Our aim is to save students time by providing the exact information they need after thorough research and analysis. We constantly adapt our platform based on student feedback and convenience to provide the best possible experience.



To Help Every Student with Guidance and information. organize the Internet information and make it universally accessible and useful to every student in free.

To make world a better place with educated people with knowledge and wisdom.

Our Goals

Promote Science Education

Equal Access to Education for All

Empower the Next Generation

Our History

At Scientific Soul, our journey began with the goal of educating people with knowledge and enlightening them about science and religion. We take facts and research into consideration to provide the best information to students, treating each student equally and fostering the exchange of ideas and thoughts in our groups and blogs.

We started with a blog and later added a WhatsApp group to encourage students to actively participate in discussions. Our success in engaging students led us to bring teachers, scientists, students, and professionals together on one platform in 2015. From our small beginnings, we have grown into a large student community, successfully helping students build their careers.

We recognize that many students lack proper guidance, so we strive to help them dream big by providing both physical and mental support. We are here for our students and are proud of our success in supporting them.

Grow Our Vision

Experience an exciting journey with our products, including articles, downloadable wallpapers, videos, photos, and community forums. Our courses cover a wide range of topics such as Digital Marketing, Basic Astronomy, Career Guidance, Resume Building, Morals and Ethics, Spirituality, Basics of Computer Language, and Basics of Earning Money. We also offer courses on the basics of various subjects including Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Languages, and Technology.

Our specialties include Astronomy, Technology, Innovation, Space, Spirituality, Mythology, Religion, Science, Imagination, Business Ideas, Motivation, Creativity, Discovery and Nature. We source our information from reputable websites such as,,,, and among others.

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